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Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

The state Madhya Pradesh in India is well endowed with culture, heritage and temples. Apparently, "Kamasutra", the world famous book that describes 84 positions in lovemaking was written by Vatsayana during the reign of Gupta dynasty which ruled this state in conjunction with other neighbouring states. Khajuraho at times referred to as the Kamasutra temple is world renowned for its sculptured temples dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Jain deities, and the sexually explicit carvings both inside and outside the temple.

Khajuraho is a village located in Chhatarpur District of Madhya Pradesh, which is about 385 miles (620 kilometres) southeast of Delhi. The city was the cultural capital of Chandela Rajputs, a Hindu dynasty that ruled this part of India from the 10th to the 12th centuries. Kalinjar was the Political capital of Chandelas. Khajuraho has the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic sculptures. The Khajuraho group of monuments has also been enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Site, besides being considered as one of the "seven wonders" of India. The best time to visit Khajuraho is from September to April owing to favorable weather conditions. Khajuraho is blessed with a beautiful backdrop in form of the Vindhyachal mountain Ranges, which makes Khajuraho even more fascinating destination for visitors.

All the Khajuraho temples were built over a span of 200 years, from 950 to 1150AD. The characteristic of this whole area is visible in form of a circumference wall with eight gates, each flanked by two golden palm trees. There were originally over 80 Hindu temples, of which only 25 now stand in a reasonable state of preservation, scattered over an area of about 8 square miles (21 km²). Khajuraho temples are divided into three sections or zones, namely, western, eastern and southern, according to their location. The western complex is the largest of the three and comprises of some of the most popular temples at Khajuraho.

Some of the famous western group of temples include - Lakhmana temple; Kandariya Mahadeo temple; Devi Jagdamba temple ; Chaunsat Yogini and Matanageswara temple .

The eastern group of temples include – Parsvanath temple; Ghantai temple; Adinath temple; Hanuman temple ; Brahma temple ; Vamana temple and Javari temple.

The southern group of temples include – Dulhadev temple ; Beejamandal temple and Chattarbhuj temple Or the Jatkari temple. In every temple, there is elaborate depiction of royalty, armies, wrestling, kinship, war, courtship, marriage, lovemaking, music and dance, spiritual teachings, union, meditation, bliss, Gods & Goddesses, plants, animals and other abundance of all human forms. Each of these depictions are beautifully crafted in stone by master sculptors of past.

Today, the temples serve as fine examples of Indian architectural styles that have gained popularity due to their explicit depiction of the traditional way of sexual life during medieval times. Locals living in the Khajuraho village always knew about and kept up the temples as best as they could. They were pointed out to an English man in late 19th century and the jungles had taken a toll on all of the monuments. Each of these ancient temples depict a great culture and heritage of India in the past.

A magnificent Light and Sound Show at Western group of temples follows wherein beautiful sound and light show is presented , narrated by the Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan, is held every evening.

Khajuraho Airport is located just about 5 km from the city, and is well connected with flights from Delhi, Varanasi and Mumbai. The city offers a wide variety of accommodation to suit every budget.