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The House of MG, Ahmedabad

No, it's not the house of Mahatma Gandhi…nor does it have any connection with M G Ramachandran the famous Tamil actor of yore, if that's what you assumed!

Mangaldas Girdhardas (MG for short) was amongst Ahmedabad's foremost businessmen and philanthropist during the early 20th century. He kicked off his career as a store-keeper in a textile mill and within just a decade became its owner and soon after was over seeing an empire comprising of a group of mills and other related businesses. Wow!! What a gigantic leap?? Impressive……!!

With his increasing influence within the community, he decided to build a new residence for himself and his family in the year 1924. Unfortunately he died soon after in 1928 and could not really enjoy his dream home. Surprisingly, by 1950, his entire family moved to another location, leaving this house vacant. A large portion of this house was requisitioned by the government between 1955 and 1960 and the rest was used by the accounts offices of the family.

'The House of MG' is today a boutique heritage hotel in Ahmedabad. This stately property, has been tastefully restored to retain its old-world charm but with all the amenities and comforts of a world-class business hotel. The Lonely Planet Guide and the Rough Guiderecommend this luxury hotel highly and the discerning British travel guide 'Sawday's - Places to Stay in India' has singled out this designer hotel as the only leading hotel worth a mention in its Ahmedabad section. Truly a connoisseur's delight, yet it caters to all echelons of society.

With an inventory of just fourteen rooms and suites, one service apartment, two acclaimed restaurants, a conference lounge, an indoor swimming pool and a health club, this property caters to a selected few guests at a time but ensures customer delight. An in-house design studio and gift shop that carries specially designed and hand-made items by master-craftsmen of Ahmedabad is truly eclectic for anyone who wishes to buy some memorabilia for their loved ones back home. For aficionados of Gujarati culinary delights, 'Agashiye' is an award winning Gujarati restaurant on the terrace, which serves the finest Gujarati Thali in the most enjoyable and traditional fine-dining style that includes delectable and mouthwatering variants.

Apart from this, MG's other restaurant The Green House is placed under a covered pavilion on the ground floor. This restaurant serves freshly cooked Indian snacks, fruit juices and delectable home-made ice-creams. Most of the snacks are available as takeaways. The open kitchen in one corner of the courtyard is where one gets to watch the chefs preparing meal in an entertaining manner to liven up the spirits.

The Green House café extends into an arched air-conditioned room that was earlier the 'buggy room' of the mansion - horse drawn buggies were in use till the early forties. M G House is well equipped with all modern amenities in each of its rooms and has modern bathrooms to cater to needs of the yuppies coming from far and wide.

The House of MG is not just a hotel. It is an umbrella organization that has taken an initiative for creating a vibrant neighborhood in Ahmedabad. Its endeavor is to first identify and then adopt relevant traditions related to food, clothing, architecture and crafts to its own contemporary aesthetic. Its attempts to set a benchmark in its responsibility towards the environment through adoption of 'earth friendly' practices in every area of its operation are clearly visible.

One of the finest examples of traditional wooden architecture, a 200 years old building in the historic old city of Ahmedabad has been taken over by The House of MG and is currently undergoing restoration at the hands of experts, which once complete would host a small museum, a craft Centre, and an urban café. Another feather in its cap is in form of the country's first audio guided tour (created by The House of MG Hotel) that takes the listener through the historic old city of Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad offers its visitors some real memorable places to visit. This includes Akhshardham temple, located at Gandhi Nagar, which has an annual footfall of over 2 million visitors. This temple is a symbol of humanity and has phenomenally contributes in glorifying the Indian Culture; Sidi Sayed the mosque is located near Lal Darwaja and is world renowned owing of its splendid Jhalli or mesh considered as the finest example of Indo-Saracen architecture; Hatheesingh Temple, situated outside Delhi gate in Ahmedabad was built in 1850 AD by Seth Hatheesingh, a rich Jain merchant. Built in white marble, this temple is much famous for its intricate carvings and profuse architectural designs dedicated to 15th Jain Trithanakara (Jain Proponent), Dharmnath. Other archaeological attractions in Ahmedabad worth a visit are Jama Masjid, Rani Sipri's Mosque, and Sarkhej Roja.

No visit is complete without a visit to the Sabarmati Ashram where one gets a real feel of the reverberating thoughts of freedom fighters still echoing in its vintage walls.

Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel International Airport at Ahmedabad is well connected by flights from all major cities in India hence reaching here is easy.

Come, the House of M G Hotel, Ahmedabad awaits your benign presence..!