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Marari Pearl, Mararikulam

Kerala is christened as ‘God’s own country’. Truly enigmatic, mysterious, romantic, mesmerizing and the list goes on as you keep adding adjectives to this beautiful state in Southern part of India.

Undoubtedly a place where you feel the supreme presence of your inner self, amalgamated with the divinity in the atmosphere and surroundings. Mararikulam also called as “Marari” is a sleepy little village and a location much too sublime and blissful with clear water and clean white sand beach to offer its patrons. Marari Pearl is set within the well sprawled 18 acres of Kerala’s finest beach on the Arabian Sea coast. It is indeed a dream come true for anyone who wishes to enjoy some quiet moments together with the beloved or family. The property is well connected by road - NH47 which passes through Kanjikuzhi Junction and is just about 3.5 km away. Cochin International Airport is the nearest main gateway for all the guests visiting Marari Pearl.

This resort is designed with pure relaxation in mind. Anyone and everyone who wishes to escape from the maddening crowd can simply choose to visit this tranquil piece of land to unwind and rejuvenate. There are umpteen choices for one to make which range from basking on the beach, bicycling along the local coastal back roads, lazing in the villa’s hammock, or plunging into one of the pools. Invariably, the guests are invited to escape the modern world, and relax amidst the sound of the lashing waves of the sea, cool sea breeze accentuated with the call of the seagulls. The guests can expect a warm and a hospitable welcome, truly offering them an authentic taste of the Malabar Coast culture. The best part is less crowd and more land to traverse on feet here, as this resort is truly a haven for those who wish to be away from the mundane activities and chaotic outside world.

The resort offers 20 beautiful villas which comprise of 15 - Green Pearl Villas, 04 - Blue Pearl Villas and 01 - White Pearl Suite. The Green Pearl villas offer private gardens, two with shaded sit-outs allowing mesmeric views of the water body around. Blue Pearl villas have private garden and plunge pool to offer. The White Pearl suite offers private garden, plunge pool and additional lounging area to the guests. The resort also has a swimming pool which is especially designed to allow adults and kids to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

A visit here is not merely for sight-seeing. It is an interaction of cultures and environment. The visitors can interact and collaborate with the local communities thus building a relationship and jointly contributing to the conservation goals relevant in this community, their culture, and the surrounding ecosystem. This definitely helps in deriving a much higher sense of responsibility and belonging towards the betterment of society and environment, something that today is most important for all to understand and practice. In simple words the resort allows visitors to have the best vacation of their life in terms of fun, beautiful locations, delectable meals and epitome of relaxation. In addition, a proper message is conveyed to one and all to support the conservation mission that will make this location a better place for the community who live here today, and will continue to live here in the future.

The resort is beautifully landscaped, with meandering walkways past fruit and vegetable gardens. Also you have Hammocks, lounges and private dining area in each villa garden. Not to forget the outdoor showers for each villa to give you a great experience. The hot showers are one of the luxuries which nature provides. The mission here is to demonstrate the importance of water and energy conservation, so rooms are equipped with keys that turn the electricity off when you depart, and other simple choices you can make to keep your stay as green as possible. Simply fantastic!

All-day dining at the pool facing “Healthy fusion” restaurant serves the guests with organic vegetables and herbs grown within the resort as well as from the nearby local villages. This restaurant is just about 200 meters walk from the beach. Those who wish to douse themselves in some fine wine and beer can spend their time at the pool facing bar.

After a long day of walk or bicycling, one can simply retire in the villa and have a personalized in-room SPA treatment offered by trained therapists, a definite try for all who wish to feel the magical fingers of these therapists, renowned the world over. There are also trained Yoga teachers who help you with a yoga session to relieve you of tension and built up fatigue.

Marari Pearl indeed promises to offer its visitors the signature experience that one craves for in Kerala. This includes Ayurveda, beaches, interpretive safaris, and many more…..