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Mararikulam, Kerala

Mararikulam commonly addressed as “Marari” is a little village in Kerala, quite somnolent and unperturbed. The village is an idyllic location with clear water and clean white sand beach. Apparently, this little-known beach has been rated as one of the top five Hammock Beaches in the world by a survey conducted by National Geographic.

The name Mararikulam is derived from the name of the main deity at the temple in the area, Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva resides in the temple in form of Marari, or the enemy of Kamadeva who is also referred as Maran.

Mararikulam is blessed with a very beautiful beach most popularly known as Marari Beach or Mararikulam beach. There are two village panchayats for this village, Mararikulam South and Mararikulam North. Mararikulam North comprises of parts of Mararikulam, Perunormangalam, Kanichukulangara, Poklasheri and Chennaveli. The South Panchayat consists of parts of Mararikulam, Kattoor, Pollathai, Valavanadu, Preethikulangara, Omanapuzha, Kalavoor, Pathirapally, and Chettikadu.

Walking past the time warp and coming back to present, Marari is a haven for any nature lover. A morning stroll is a fine and an effective way to acquaint oneself with the Malabar coasts’ unique ecosystem and explore the myriad charms emanated here. Voted as one of the most beautiful destination for tourists visiting Kerala, Marari lives up to the expectations of being one of the most clean and well maintained beach destinations. The place is most ideal to experience the cordiality and affection in addition to the traditional hospitality of the natives. One can devote a full day towards relaxing in the sandy coastline duly hemmed with coconut palms which would undoubtedly cast a unique spell on you with its solitude and tranquility.

Interestingly, the first modern factory for the manufacture of coir mats and mattings was established in the year 1859 at Alappuzha. The town Improvement Committee was set up in 1894. It would be unfair if we don’t mention here how prominent a role has been played by this place in India’s freedom struggle against the British, as it is also known for witnessing the ‘Nivarthana’ Movement - a protest against the constitutional repression in 1932. Besides, the first political strike in Kerala was held at Alappuzha in 1938. The present town was set up by Raja Kesavadas during the second half of the 18th century. It is said that Sreekrishna Swami temple, at Ambalappuzha was constructed and the idol of Lord Krishna installed during that time. Furthermore, History also says that Alapuzzha had successful trade alliance with ancient Greece and Rome in the Middle Ages.

Enjoying a Tropical climate throughout the year, the average monthly temperature recorded here is 27 degrees Celsius. Summer usually begins in March and lasts through May and is warm and humid. This region has two bouts of Monsoons. The first is from June to September and the other between October and November. Winters are relatively non-existent, other than the climate getting drier from December through February. The overall annual climate is definitely enjoyable and favorable for all.

Marari is well connected by rail and has a railway station by the same name. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which stands 80 km away from this place.

The locals primarily earn their livelihood by fishing and are able to pocket a daily income of INR 100-300. Apart from this, tourism also plays a vital role in generating income within this region.

Your visit to Marari will be a great moment of your life as the location offers its guests a select variety of accommodation catering to the comfort and style to suit everyone’s need and requirement. Each of these hotels offers sumptuous and delectable cuisine to mesmerize the senses and taste buds. Furthermore, there are optional services available to you in form of Yoga on Beach, cooking demonstration, and cycling in Marari village.

How about packing your bags and whisking away with your family to a location beyond imagination…!!