Destination of the Month

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Chennai, earlier known as Madras is one of the major metropolis of India and the capital of South Indian state, Tamil Nadu. This is the fourth largest city in India and is popular for its numerous tourist destinations including beaches, temples, forts, palaces in addition to many colorful festivals that attract tourists from all parts of the country. The city presents a culture that is totally different from North India and represents a lifestyle that is a perfect blend of traditional and modern India.

Among Chennai's greatest assets is its people, who are highly enthusiastic about their hometown and best known for their infectious smiles and great hospitality; they won't hit you with a lot of hustle and hassle. Recent years have thrown in a new layer of cosmopolitan glamour: luxe hotels, sparkling boutiques, quirky cafes, smart contemporary restaurants and a sprinkling of swanky bars and clubs.

Tourism in Chennai is on its boom these days. There are lots of places to see in Chennai and it's well worth poking around the museums, exploring the temples, savouring deliciously authentic South Indian delicacies or taking a sunset saunter along Marina Beach. There is a plethora of sightseeing places in Chennai, namely Kapaleshwarar Temple, St. Thomas Church, Fort St. George and the Government Museum.

Another major attraction is an excursion to Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram. The UNESCO World Heritage City - Mahabalipuram is full of rock-cut monuments built between the 7th and 9th centuries. The city is located right on the Coromandel Coast next to the Bay of Bengal. It was a well-established sea port during the Pallava dynasty, and has flourished accordingly. All these monuments are an excellent example of Dravidian architecture.

You would be visiting several cave temples and sculpted reliefs including Five Rathas, Krishna Mandapam, Mahishasuramardhini Cave, Krishna Butterball, Arjuna's Penance and the Shore Temple.

Excursion to Kanchipuram is renowned across the globe for its meticulously crafted silk sarees. Kanchipuram is also known as city of thousand temples and is one of the seven holy cities in India. Hailed as the capital of early Cholas and later as capital of Pallavas between the 6th and 8th centuries, Chennai surely engulfs you with its never ending charisma.

The enigma awaits you…..!!!