Message From CEO

Nepal Earthquake

Dear Friends,


The recent earthquake in the Himalayan Kingdom, Nepal has shook the world. Kathmandu and the adjoining areas have witnessed massive damages.

The earthquake has left the capital city Kathmandu short of shelter, food, water, medicines, power etc. Rescue teams and aid from all over the world is contributing to reach Nepal and are trying to overcome the devastating situation.

All of our guests and colleagues in Nepal are safe. Our Nepal office team has meticulously assisted our guests and has even stayed with them overnight to ease out the situation. I have been personally involved along with my team, and have not left a single stone unturned to evacuate all our clients back from Nepal.

Nepal is still ascertaining its losses & recuperating. For future travel to the Himalayan Kingdom, at this point our team is working hard to suggest suitable alternatives. We are optimistic that as soon as the situation is under control the restoration work on the World Heritage sites will commence.

Tappas Voyages actively, though silently, contributes to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In doing so, in our own way, we play a small role to build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and also to assist in times of needs.

We are overwhelmed with the responses that we are getting from our partners around the world who have not only shared their concerns about the present situation but have also shown their interest to help & participate in any which way possible to the people of Nepal. In pursuit of our endeavor in contributing to the society, we are trying to find a respectable local NGO in Nepal so that we can not only contribute from our side but may also refer you for any assistance for this noble cause.

Going forward, we are also planning to send volunteers from our India Team for any possible assistance.

Today, the entire world has come together for Nepal and at this juncture we as a travel fraternity must continue promoting Nepal for the future, thereby assisting to revive the economy. Nepal has always being a solemn delight for the travelers, and at this point we all must stand for this nation that is in immense need.

We look forward for your indispensable support for Nepal at this crucial time of need.

Best Regards,
Sunit Suri