Client Feedback


I would like to take this time to thank you for all the help during my recent sickness in Delhi. It was invaluable help navigating an unfamiliar situation in an unfamiliar land. You and Tappas Voyages came to my assistance very quickly and professionally, I was very impressed. It was also a seamless process getting me from the hospital and back to the tour in Agra. I have indeed passed this sentiment along to Friendly Planet Travel. It was also very comforting to have someone in attendance from time to time each day at the hospital to help me with the various issues. I was never able to thank Marudhar properly for all his many hours, and thought I would like to send him a small gift (a book). Could I send it to him at your address below?

Thomas Lyons

Dear Isha,

just a little note to say a big thank you for all your hard work during our last 3 weeks! You were an absolute star. You kept your patience at all times despite the 101 crazy questions! I really enjoy working with you - sometimes I feel you are a younger version of me!

I hope the train journey was not too hard and that you have been able to have a good rest and catch up with your family life. I look forward very much to getting future holidays confirmed too.

Isha, you have been so kind, thoughtful and generous in every way and I could not ask to work with a better person.

kindest regards

Dear Kim,

You beat me to it; I was intending to email you today.

Yes, thank you, we had a good flight home and it's back to normal life. However, we have VERY happy memories of India, and particularly your quite wonderful care and attention.

You are one of the most conscientious and caring and diligent people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, and (as I think I have said before), Tappas Voyages are very lucky indeed to have you.

Your attentiveness throughout was quite exemplary, and Lorraine and I thank you very much indeed. There are a number of people we know who are thinking of coming to India, and we shall press them to use your services.

As I said, we would like to give you a personal gift as a way to express our appreciation for your kindess and consideration, so (as I asked), please let me have your bank details.

Our sincere thanks, once again for a truly memorable experience.

Kindest regards,
Howard Klein