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Care for Nepal

The recent earthquake in the Himalayan Kingdom, Nepal has shook the world. Kathmandu and the adjoining areas have witnessed massive damages.

The earthquake has left the capital city Kathmandu short of shelter, food, water, medicines, power etc. Rescue teams and aid from all over the world is contributing to reach Nepal and are trying to overcome the devastating situation.

Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Tappas Voyages has been actively involved in various relief activities within Nepal. One of the major activities that Tappas Voyages has decided to undertake is rebuilding the Samata Sikhya Niketan – The first Bamboo School in Nepal. Tappas Voyages has been actively involved with the school for some time now and has been supporting them in whatever little way possible in past. Unfortunately, the school has been severely affected by the devastating earthquake which occurred on 25th April 2015 and series of aftershocks.

Tappas Voyages would be supporting the school by rebuilding the 6 class rooms. We have already support the homeless students by providing 1100 Relief Family Tents to Nepal. All these tents are made up of 100% water proof canvas and would be supported by Iron poles.

Tappas Voyages Staff members have voluntarily contributed a certain amount from their salaries as aid toward relief work.