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July 2017 Quiz

Can you identify the name of the photograph on the left and where it is located?

Send your answers to info@tappasvoyages.com, those correct will go into a draw and the winner will receive a Travel Book on India.

Winner for June 2017 – No correct answer

Amer Fort, Jaipur

Amer Fort, also spelled as Amber Fort is located in Amer, 11 Km from Jaipur. The Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a principal tourist attractions in Jaipur. The construction of the fort was started by Man Singh I in 1592. The fort boasts of an artistic grandeur and structural expertise. It is a reminiscent of the bravery and courage of the mighty Rajputs, who had played a remarkable role in the history of medieval India. You enjoy a magnificent Elephant Ride to reach the magnificent Amber Fort.