Must Stay At

Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner

Narendra Bhawan, in its new avatar, retells the story of the last reigning Maharaja of Bikaner, His Highness Narendra Singhji. Unconventionally curated, it is composed of Narendra Singhji's memories from his travels to destinations near and far.

Walking around Narendra Bhawan is like taking a quick refresher course in the history of design. There's a delightful confluence of elements from around the world – a hat tip to its former inhabitant's eclectic tastes. Banarasi weaves framed and mounted on the walls play up a contrast with Art Deco's chevron patterns, Ming vases share space with European porcelain figurines, the intricate designs of usta art, a Bikaneri specialty, fight with the delicate beauty of Portuguese tiles for your attention. Almost every corner of the hotel, once the residence of the last king of Bikaner, Narendra Singh, transports you to a different time.

Geared mostly towards a young, urban crowd, this 82-room property offers traditional hospitality with a cool, hip vibel currently offering three categories of rooms – the Residence Rooms, the Prince Rooms and the Regimental Rooms. Comfortably appointed, the Residence Rooms are a tribute to the eclectic tastes of the household. With glittering mirrors and mosaic, the PRINCE ROOMS reflect a youthful exuberance that beget glamorous living quarters. The Regimental Rooms are thoughtfully curated with objets d'art and a rich colour palette that adds a vibrancy and immediate comfort to these stately rooms reflecting a ceremonial order that appealed to the military man who was king.

In the Guest Rooms the theme of India prevails – past and present as a tribute to Narendra Singhjis eclectic tastes. Elaborate ceilings, Bikaner terrazzo floors and traditional crafts sit in harmony with Portuguese tiles and a distinctly vivid colour palette. Rooms are furnished with modern conveniences, the terrace houses an infinity swimming pool, Edith, the red piano, tempts you to unleash your inner Beethoven, and a well-equipped gym calls out to fitness enthusiasts.

The Gaushala at the entrance is a tribute to Lord Krishna. An enticing menu of petite collations and beguiling cocktails are presented, specially designed to flatter the evening and the mood of guests.

An indoor-outdoor easy lounging area, the Verandah suggests a mood of effortlessness and relaxation in an eclectic setting. The relaxed easy charm of this space serves well as a Library. The menu includes cocktails and snacks.

The gold and the crystal rooms derive inspiration from the age-old tradition of smoking rooms for gentlemen and withdrawing rooms for ladies serving vintage cocktails and after dinner drinks.

P&C is the timeless and utterly elegant dining room capturing the charm and phlegmatic finesse of the graceful lady of the house and the initials are derived as a tribute to her favourite apparel of Pearls strings and Chiffon saris. P&C features a curated wine list, table-side preparations and Tiffin lunches that were once upon a time the favorites of the Royals of Bikaner.

Mad Hatter - The Bake House presents traditional confectionary and baked goods. The Diwali Chowk is the central courtyard at the heart of Narendra Bhawan Bikaner serving Bikaner Badakhana and Marwari cuisine with the pomp and circumstance that is emblematic of a Royal Bikaner.

Some other facilities the hotel offers are the board games, movie screenings and the deep blue infinity pool that takes its colour from the bright and light Bikaner sky and offers great vantage views of the city, both the old and the new. Clinic – The Spa at Narendra Bhawan Bikaner is an entirely novel concept based on the holistic and gently persuasive power of flowers and plants. For the fitness freaks, the hotel offers a gymnasium equipped with weight training as well as cardiovascular equipment.

The Gallery at Narendra Bhawan pays homage to its original resident and also serving as a platform for the local artists and craftsmen that enables the guests to catch a glimpse of the cities rich artistic heritage.

A visit here is highly recommended for all those travellers who wish to experience a grand and majestic feel coupled with a mystical and mesmeric ambience to be cherished.