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Nepal: Earthquake Relief Activity

Apropos to the 3 Day Nepal Relief Campaign organized by Tappas Voyages Nepal Team from 8 June 2015 – 10 June 2015, Tappas Voyages Nepal Team continues with the distribution of tents in Chalal VDC , Parthali Kavre Nepal on 15th June, 2015. This village located in the hills, is beautiful, natural and underdeveloped place with muddy & bumpy road. It's located about 40km from Kathmandu and one of the worst affected regions from the recent calamity. It takes roughly 2 hours thirty minutes by road to reach here from Tappas Voyages Nepal office.

During this campaign, the team aimed towards making a difference by supporting this small village in whatever best possible way. Almost 90% of this village was found partially/fully damaged following the catastrophic earthquakes and subsequent innumerable aftershocks. Among the 1013 homes in this village, 619 homes have fully collapsed and damaged beyond repair, while others are distinctly unserviceable. Village people are living in the open and somehow managing to accomplish their daily livelihoods these days. Monsoons have just commenced and these villagers are in dire need of temporary homes for survival.

We have aided this village by distributing tents to over 200 families. Every member of Tappas Voyages Nepal team was actively involved in the distribution process. These tents were transferred from warehouse to the village in the morning and were distributed at Saraswati Secondary School, located nearby this village. Altogether, 200 tents were distributed to the village people.

Furthermore, we have also distributed more than 75 tents to the chauffeurs who supported us in the sightseeing and transfers.

All our Business Partners and friends who wish to contribute for this noble cause were welcome to donate through below link.

Let's pledge to support Nepal at this crucial time of need and depict brotherhood.

Bhutan Breaks Plantation record

100 volunteers planted an average of eight trees a minute to beat the Guinness world record.

At about 10 minutes to 9am, the men accomplished their task, setting the Guinness World record of planting 49,672 trees in an hour at Kuenselphodrang, Thimphu on 25 acres of land. The 100 men planted an average of eight trees a minute or 496 trees an hour to beat the Guinness World Record of most trees planted in an hour (team). Bhutan not only managed to beat the previous record of 40,885 trees in an hour in Assam, India, but also set a new record. The motto of the record, according to the organiser, is, "Let's begin a greener Bhutan."

The event was organised by Bhutan Eco-Green Initiative Network (BEGIN), an environment conservation project under Peoples Initiative in Celebrating the Sixtieth Anniversary (PICSA), together with the ministry of agriculture and forests. The 100 volunteers, comprising desuups, civil servants, students, and corporate and private employees, planted five indigenous species of trees at Kuenselphodrang. The ministry provided the saplings.