Picture Of The Month

Mr. Anil Bhakuni from Tappas Voyages visited Jaisalmer, Rajasthan and captured the photograph of Sam Sand Dunes.

The picturesque Sam Sand Dunes is the closest point to witness the total sandy desert and to see patterns carved out by winds on the sand. Feast your eyes on a truly magnificent stretch of sweeping dunes with little or no vegetation. The fabulous sight of the golden rays of the sun setting over the dunes coupled with the adventure of casting one's footprints across the shifting sands of Rajasthan is truly a magical experience.

Jaisalmer has always held a special place in the imagination of travelers as India's finest desert outpost. Located in the sandy expanse of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer was once part of the fabled 'Silk Route'. Built in local yellow sandstone, now christened as Jaisalmer stone, the town quite literally looks like a 'Golden City' as it has come to be known. Jaisalmer resisted the invasion from many foreign invaders and was one of the last royal places come under the rule of British.