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February 2018 Quiz

Can you identify the name of the photograph on the left and where it is located?

Send your answers to info@tappasvoyages.com, those correct will go into a draw and the winner will receive a Travel Book on India.

Winner for January 2018 – No correct answer

Auroville City
Auroville City also called the 'Universal Town' is a place where people with different nationalities, beliefs and culture live in harmony established by the Maa, renowned disciple of Sri Aurobindo in 1968. The city is famous for the permanent pavilions built by many countries reflecting their respective customs, beliefs and cultures and also for the number of languages spoken. The Matri Mandir is an edifice of spiritual significance for practitioners of Integral yoga, situated at the centre of Auroville initiated by The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.