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Nepal almost touched 1 Million Tourists in 2017

The year 2017 was amazing for Nepal. The exponential growth of the tourist in 2017 was just short to reach 1 million. According to the statistics by the Immigration office at Tribhuvan International Airport the total number was 940, 218 foreigners visited Nepal. A growth of 24.86 percent from 2016.

Lumbini received 1.55m tourist in 2017

Most of them were domestic tourist, the statistic shoe the foreigner number were 8,528 visitors from Sri Lanka, Thailand (27,603), Myanmar (21,531), China (15,770), S Korea (5,103), Vietnam (5,043), Bhutan (2,278), UK (1,677), Germany (1,636) and Australia (1,625). Tourists from 87 countries made the trip to Lumbini last year.

New trekking route to Kahphuche glacial lake

Trekking association of Nepal in Pokhara conducted a study to look for a new trekking route to Kahphuche glacial lake. This is located at a height of 2,450 meters in Kashi. After the complete study the week long trekking route the will start from Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolitan City and passes through Armala, Aantighar Mauja, Thak, Tara Hill, Sikles and Hugu to the lake.

97 black-necked cranes arrive in Bumdeling

It's a cold evening in Yangtse. Almost everyone in town has locked themselves up inside their cosy homes. As clouds of smoke gush through the chimneys, the sky above the town remains under overcast.

However, one sound is all it takes to break the spell. It is the sound of the black-necked cranes. As the cranes prepare to fly back to their roosting grounds, a high-pitch sound (usually an alarm call) is made.

The majestic birds are home again. As of yesterday, a total of 97 cranes have arrived at their winter roosting and feeding grounds at Bumdeling valley in Trashiyangtse, with the first pair arriving on October 5 last year.

Although the number of visitors fluctuates over the years, this year the number has increased by six from 91 in 2016. There were 108 in 2015. Meanwhile, range officials said that several new characteristics and behaviours of the endangered species are being revealed.

The cranes usually fly in a flock. However, some juveniles that misguidedly dashes along with the flock are seen returning if their parents are left behind. The popular crane dance associated with courtship can be seen at the feeding grounds in groups. The dance includes flapping the wings, bowing, running, jumping and tossing of grasses. A softer version of the alarm call is used by the cranes to locate the roosting site when it becomes dark while returning from the feeding areas.

A new species of orchid named in honour of Her Majesty Gyaltsuen

Spathoglottis jetsuniae is a new and striking orchid species discovered and named in honour of Her Majesty Gyaltsuen Jetsun Pema Wangchuck.

The new species Spathoglottis jetsuniae was discovered by Nima Gyeltshen and Kezang Tobgyel of the National Biodiversity Centre, and the University of Costa Rica's Stig Dalström. It was first discovered accidentally by the staff of the National Biodiversity Centre on November 3, 2016, in the remote region of Ngangla-Kaktong of Zhemgang.