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Nepal on track to hit magic figure of 1 million arrivals

Nepal tourism is on track to reach the magic figure of 1 million arrivals by the end of the year, industry watchers said. Analysts have based their projection on arrival trends for the first 10 months (January-October) of 2017 when the number of visitors jumped 25.47 percent to 757,448 individuals. Arrivals in October, the peak tourist season, reached an all-time high of 112,492 individuals. Considering hotel and airline booking trends, November is expected to be a very productive month with arrival figures expected to break all past records. Travel trade entrepreneurs predict that November is expected to record more than 130,000 tourists.

Advanced radar system to make Nepal's skies safer

Nepal's air traffic control (ATC) can now monitor the country's entire airspace and keep track of aircraft from the Himalaya to the Indian border using an advanced radar system recently built on a hilltop in Lalitpur. The Mode S Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR) installed at Bhatte Danda supersedes the primary and secondary surveillance radar at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport

Eco and agro tourism gains steam in Ilam

Products ranging from agriculture and handmade fabric have been attracting foreigners to the eastern hilltop of Ilam. The area is popular for tea, cardamom, ginger, red round big chilli (dalle khursani), milk product, broom and handmade fabric. Ilam has been gaining popularity as an eco and agro tourism destination. Ilam has been attracting domestic traders for a long time and has been gradually attracting foreign traders as well. Locals are optimistic that their produces have the potential to be traded in the international market.

14 Black-necked Cranes Arrive in Bumdeling

A total of 14 black-necked cranes have arrived in Bumdeling, Trashiyangtse as of 17th November, with the first pair arriving on October 5. Officials said that around 100 cranes are expected to arrive by February next year in Bumdeling. The number of cranes flying in deceased to 91 last year from 108 in 2015.

Park manager with the Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS), Karma Tempa, said that although no causalities to the cranes were reported in recent years, the possible reasons for the decreased number could be because of disturbance at the cranes' feeding grounds.

He added that because of the limited number of feeding grounds (paddy fields) due to floods, the number of cranes could have decreased. "After the flood, most paddy fields are left unattended," he said. "Another reason could also be from the increasing number of stray dogs in the area."

To draw more number of cranes, the park and residents have started two crane conservation support groups in Bumdeling and Yangtse each.

Domestic Flight to Gelephu Resumes

Almost two years after Drukair terminated its operation to Gelephu domestic airport, scheduled flight resumed on November 11.

The first flight on November 11 had six passengers on board.

The airline now operates three times a week- Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, an increased operation by two days from once a week before the service was discontinued.