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Gateway to Rann Resort, Kutch

Managed beautifully by the Gram Panchayat (village committee) of Dhordo village in the Banni region of Kutch, The Gateway to Rann Resort is the only resort built on the White Rann of Kutch and gives a real feel of an oasis in the desert.

This conveniently located ethnic village resort offers accommodation in 21 characterful Kutchi Bhungas (mud huts), traditionally crafted and decorated with handicrafts. There are 10 Non A/C Bhungas, 3 A/C Bhungas and bigger size 8 A/C Bhunga's named as Darbari Bhungas. The excellent sunrise and sunset views offered by the resort on a clear day is just one of its plus points. Though the resort is based on traditional designs, it is fully equipped with day- to- day modern amenities needed to ensure guests' comfort.

Staying in the traditional Bhunga is a delight in itself. The earthy Bhunga is in fact an engineering and civil marvel that keeps guests warm in the severest winter. No wonder, most guests find this down-to-earth environment-friendly resort very cozy.

The resort serves ethnic Kutchi cuisines with breads made of bajra (millet). The use of fresh ingredients, minimal oil and few added flavours ensures that the cuisine remains simple and healthy and for some reason, there is a lot of emphasis on cutting vegetables properly and neatly. Wheat breads like pooris, parathas, rotis are also served here. Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in accordance with the state law. Non-vegetarian food is not served or allowed in the resort premises.

Driving out to the White Rann to see the beautiful expanse of white sandwiched between the sea and the desert can be enthralling. Guests can also step out after sunset in the courtyard and enjoy live cultural folk music played on traditional instruments. Folk music is an integral part of life in Banni. Old songs, dating back to 5000 years, are still sung.

Banni has a total of 40 villages with Dhordo being the last village in the area. It is about 20 minutes from the Indo-Pak border and is being developed by the Gujarat government as a gateway to the Rann of Kutch. The village is a bird watcher's haven. Many of the local villagers are artisans whose handicrafts are famous the world over as Banni Handicrafts. They have bagged many national awards.

This ideal stay option located just 3 kms from Rann of Kutch is open from October to April, which is the tourist season here. Ahmedabad International Airport is 430 kms from Kutch, while Bhuj Airport is just 80 kms away.